What my brother in law taught me about solar energy

We were at home with family and friends during the yearly family get-together and the lights went out. We were all pissed at how such a thing would make the get-together not as memorable as it should be. Ten minutes, twenty minutes and the time seemed endless until we all gathered up at the yard and engaged each other about the advantages of solar energy. My brother in law who, it seemed, was the architect of the conversation had a lot to say. I will share what he taught me about solar energy.

The first insight he shared was an obvious one and the most prominent, environmental benefit. He laid down the facts, we have over-exploited the earth’s non-renewable resources and this will eventually lead to higher costs, paucity and extreme pollution. We cannot forever rely on fossil fuel and relying on fossils will only affect people’s health and the climate. What’s imperative is turning to clean, healthy and safe renewable resources.

a) Solar energy can be renewed

One of the advantages of solar energy is that it can be renewed, the sun will keep on shining and using its power will not diminish it.

b) Solar energy is clean

Unlike the fossil fuels we normally use, solar energy is not polluting, has no unpleasant smells and is totally clean.

The second tip he gave was the fact that solar energy is cheap and this is the most appealing advantage of solar energy. Once you install a solar system, you are bound to enjoy free energy as long as the sun is up in the sky. The government is also providing incentives such as tax incentives and various rebates which are encouraging people to go green. Solar energy has low maintenance costs and the chances of spending money are limited.

Finally, there is energy independence, enduring power blackouts becomes a thing of the past and solar energy spares you the frustration of depending on various energy suppliers.

By the time the lights came back, we promised that the next family get together will be fully solar powered.