How to use solar energy for automatic garage doors

use solar energy for automatic garage doors

The majority of garage doors nowadays have been designed in such a manner that they can be only controlled by electric power. Though electricity has found its way in majority of homesteads, it can also have its own disadvantages such as power blackout. In such situations you’ll find yourself operating the garage door manually which on its part has its own disadvantages.

The good news however is the fact that some garage doors can be easily controlled by solar energy. This type of energy is highly reliable and you can use it when you have no electricity to power your garage door. Solar energy has been used in the past to easily operate different products and the garage door is no exception. All you require is a solar panel, a well maintained or new power battery and of course sunlight. The working principle behind this mechanism can be explained as follows.

  • The solar panel absorbs power from the sun. It converts the rays of sunlight into power which is then stored in the battery for future use. The battery in turn releases power which is used to power and control the garage door depending on how you have connected it.
    With solar power energy, shed lockouts due to loss of electricity are basically a thing of the past. You will have the peace of mind that you are entirely covered during the hot seasons as well as during the cold or winter seasons.
  • Solar energy has a lot of advantages over electricity power. This can be attributed to the fact that you don’t have to incur huge electricity bills which come with electrically controlled garage doors. The process of installation and use is also simple. Solar power also enables those with sheds with no power to easily install a garage door opener with the greatest of ease as compared to when connecting it using electricity.