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Solar energy is the future. Solar energy is the secret to a better and more sustainable living in the 21st century.

Have you already installed a solar panel on your house roof?

Hey guys, my name is James and thanks for dropping by Kyo Design. I live in Boston and every time I ride my bicycle around downtown, it seems there are new solar panel systems on the roofs of both private homes and commercial buildings.

Solar PanelsMost people seem to have understood that we cannot rely on the traditional sources of energy like coal and gas for much longer. Many experts say that by 2040, we need to have changed to renewable energy production almost completely. They think that if we cannot supply 80% of our energy needs with “green energy” we will have to cut down on our usage or simply sit in the dark after 9pm. Sounds frightening, but that’s the reality.

I hope my blog at Kyo Design makes you aware of the many benefits of installing a solar panel on your house roof, not just for the sake of your own wallet and to ensure the supply of energy, but also to protect the environment and address the urgent issue of global warming. We all want our children and grandchildren live in a similar moderate climate as we and our ancestors did.

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