5 Things no tech tells you about solar panel maintanance

Solar panels are designed to perfection and require very little of your attention, but still it is very crucial to take care of them regardless of the prevailing circumstances. This will enable you to keep these sun oriented devices in good shape and therefore lengthen their lifespan successfully. This is a very important investment to make as it helps in providing you with free electricity for a very long duration of time.

solar panel maintanance

These items play a useful role in converting sun energy into clean electrical energy for your home and drastically reducing your operating expenses. Moreover, regular maintenance of these appliances is of great importance as they are always exposed to the outer elements like dust, dirt, rain, debris, and algae. Many people consider maintenance of these panels as a boring and time-wasting task to implement, but the fact is that their maintenance is an important factor that cannot be neglected.

Regular maintenance is essential to peak performance of your home solar panel. Here are 5 things no tech tells you about solar panel maintenance.

1. Clean the Plexiglas (Plexiglas, Lexan, Lucite, or other acrylic sheet) Surfaces

Cleaning the Plexiglas must be carried out with proper care. They are easily damaged by dirt, hand brushes or harsh cleansers. Avoid using scrubbing pads or gritty cleaners as these cause scratches on the Plexiglas surface. The surface should be gently rinsed with water to float the dirt off, and then warm water and mild detergent to remove the remaining dirt using a soft cloth. Do not use common household cleaners with ammonia or alcohol. Diluted bleach is also not recommended as it may discolor the aluminum frames.

2. Check or Reseal Waterproof Seals

These should be checked for signs of water leakage, algae or mold growth. Separation of the silicon caulk from the surfaces should also be checked. After removal of any mold or algae reapply the silicon caulk to seal the surfaces.

3. Check or Clear Weep Holes

These should be checked for blockages. Weep holes allow condensed water inside the panel to drain. Water causes short-circuiting of the electrical connections inside the panel.

4. Check or Tighten the Electrical Connections

Wire screws and connector caps should be tightened. Look for any oxidized wires, as they may increase resistance and reduced panel’s power output.

5. Check or Secure Mounting Hardware

Inspect and tighten all the solar panel’s mounting brackets and connections. Debris at the base of the brackets should be properly cleared. This is to ensure that the panel remains in place.

Proper maintenance of your solar panel will allow many years of clean energy for your home.